• Printable-V-White
  • Blue Dots Left
  • Blue Dots Middle
  • Blue Dots Right
  • Grey Dots Left
  • Grey Dots Middle
  • Grey Dots Right
  • Pastel Dots Left
  • Pastel Dots Middle
  • Pastel Dots Left
  • Yellow Dots Left
  • Yellow Dots Middle
  • Yellow Dots Right



Our dots series are designed as a set of three posters including left, middle & right or you can buy them individually, with 4 colour ways to match your home!


SKU: PA-0017-P


Your hi-res A4 PDF will contain:

Page 1: Instruction sheet.
Page 2: Artwork to fit frames with a 20 x 29cm size mount.
Page 3: Artwork to fit frames with a 15 x 20cm size mount.