Treasure Hunting Magazine May

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It’s that time again where I’ve had another of my articles published in Treasure Hunting Magazine, and this time it’s more of an interview based affair with the retired archaeologist Gilbert Burleigh. It all came about through a chance meeting on a Facebook group, which led to me meeting Gil and talking about his long career, his valued and trusted relationships with detectorists, and the wonderful archaeological discoveries that those relationships have unearthed. This particular article was published in the May 2024 edition of Treasure Hunting Magazine but is also available to read here on the Hertfordshire History Hunter blog.

It’s always a great feeling to see my articles published in the magazine, but things have gone that one step further as I’m back working on the magazine again. Around this time last year the guys at Treasure Hunting approached me to help out with the layout of a few sections of magazine whilst their design and layout department were busy with other projects. I did this for a couple of issues working on News & Views, Readers Finds and Auction Round-Up. Things worked out pretty well and it was fun to get my hands dirty doing magazine work again, a design discipline I hadn’t been involved with since the late 1990’s.

Treasure Hunting Magazine May

Oh to find a hoard like this!

So, just recently I have been asked to help out on the magazine again but this time round it wasn’t just a couple of sections, it was the whole magazine. The guys at Treasure Hunting were in the process of looking for a new artworker, so they asked if I would cover for a few issues to give them time to find the right person for the job. I was more than happy to help out as I really enjoyed working on the magazine last time around, and again it’s proved to be an enjoyable experience.

Obviously there was a lot more work to do this time, but on the whole it fitted in quite well around the existing design work that I had in my schedule. So for the May and June editions of Treasure Hunting Magazine in 2024 you will see my name under the layout & design credits on the contents page. But in a strange twist of fate the only article that I did not layout for the May edition was my own. This had already been put together for a previous issue which the editor pushed back to the May edition. Still, I can’t complain because I see it as a privilege to work on the magazine, and as Julian Evan-Hart said to me in one of our email conversations, “who’d have believed our first contact would have led to this eh?”. But led to this it has and it’s been brilliant working on the magazine again and I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

Treasure Hunting Magazine May

Pages full of history!

It has to be said that this hobby has enriched my life way beyond my expectations, and I can’t thank my partner Heather enough for buying me the Equinox 600 for my birthday in 2020. The 600 has now been upgraded to the 900, but I have kept the 600 as backup (it’s too good a detector not to keep it). This hobby really has filtered through into all aspects of my life which now includes work, and I wonder, can this hobby give anymore? Well actually yes, if the detecting gods are listening, that hoard of gold Romans coins would be nice to discover in the not to distant future. Lol, joking aside, this hobby has already bestowed me with more than enough riches for which I will be forever thankful (but that hoard would be nice).

Treasure Hunting Magazine Work

Working on News & Views.