can’t stop treasure hunting

So as my love for this wonderful hobby grows, so does my contributions to Treasure Hunting magazine. This is now my third outing in my favourite mag, but this time it feels that bit more special as I have made it onto the contents page!

To have written an article which the guy’s at Treasure Hunting think would interest their readers just feels bloody brilliant. To share these experiences that I have had whilst detecting for a relatively short time is also a great record for me to keep. This is the main reason behind the Hertfordshire History Hunter blog which I write. It’s a great way for me to map my detecting journey as it continues to unfold and if other people enjoy reading it too then it makes it even more worth while.

As I said in the article there will hopefully be other opportunities to do more surveys for the museum this year and with any luck uncover more of the fabulous history which surrounds my home town. As ever, I will keep updating the blog and the Hertfordshire History Hunter instagram account with all the finds and experiences I encounter along the way. Let’s hope 2022 is a great detecting year for everyone who loves this amazing hobby!

I made the contents page! 

My name in print 🙂 

Some pretty good finds there!